Special Education Teacher Snaps & Spits On Student — DETAILS

Teachers have been in the news lately for giving students wedgies, lighting student’s hair on fire, and doing cocaine while in class. The latest wrongdoing in school news comes from Grand Prairie, Texas where a teacher has been accused of spitting on a student. Spitting on another person is considered assault in the United States.

According to the Huffington Post, in 2014, eleven states made it a crime to spit on someone if the spitter has HIV. While spitting on people is legally an assault, if you have HIV you can also be charged with a criminal transmission. On October 30, 2018, a special education teacher was involved in a spitting incident.

The Assault

Posted by GPHSGophers on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A video, that has since been removed, showed a teacher at a Texas high school spitting on a student. The woman has been identified as special education teacher Tiffany White. It is unknown how long she has been employed with Grand Prairie High School before this incident. She has been placed on administrative leave after the school became aware of the horrific event.

According to¬†CBS 11, Grand Prairie ISD released the following statement, “The District was made aware of an incident in a classroom involving a Grand Prairie High School teacher and a student. Due to the nature of that interaction, the teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave and will not be returning to the classroom. The safety and dignity of our students is paramount to providing a nurturing environment where students can learn and be successful.”

Will Charges Be Filed?

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In an interview with CBS 11, Grand Prairie Police said, “The parents had the option to file charges but decided not to pursue it.”

While Tiffany White is lucky that she will not be charged with assault or any other charges, she will have a difficult time finding employment after this incident.

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