How To Survive Thanksgiving Dinner: 7 Ways To Get Relatives Off Your Back

Are you a recent college graduate or just another student who’s visiting home for the upcoming holidays? We all know how stressful the holidays can be and we’re convinced that Thanksgiving dinner is just another investigation tactic carried out by our loved ones.

Thanksgiving is the ultimate day to give thanks for the many privileges that come along with life, such as TV gold like “This is Us” and tasty treats, but holiday dinner conversation might be one of the few things to not be thankful for.

FAQ involve, how’s college going? What’s your major? When do you graduate? Is that GPA in good standing still? Do your professors like you? What are your post-grad plans? We know how painful these questions can be so we’ve compiled seven topics to talk about to get those relatives off your back. Check them out below.

Talk About The Weather

Sunset On A Beach


Ever been stuck in a conversation? This is the number 1 tactic to end a conversation before it gets the chance to go anywhere. Unless you have a meteorologist in your family talk about the changing season or chilly temperatures.

Reverse Psychology

Mind Blown GIF

Don’t worry you don’t need a BA in psychology to carry out this task. If your family is hounding you about a friend they’re not particularly fond of, begin to associate that friend with positive things like ice cream.

If you feel like making Thanksgiving a bit spicier, WikiHow provides step-by-step instructions on following through with reverse psychology. Enjoy!


What faster way to turn the conversation away from you than to talk about others?


Football players tackling each other


Do you have a sports-obsessed relative? Go to him or her and see which teams made their fantasy football lineup.

TV Shows

watching TV


Start discussing your favorite TV show, chances are at least one family member watches the same show. Better yet, ask this one question: Were Ross and Rachel on a break?


People cooking


Complement the chef! Maybe they’ll share their secret recipe.

Bring Out The Games

no hands flip cup

Propose a game of charades or, if your family’s into it, pull a Jimmy Fallon and play flip cup.

Black Friday

Group of friends shopping and holding many shopping bags


Leave the family behind and ditch Thanksgiving dinner early to get the best deals of the year.

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