Jimmy Fallon

Apr 30, 2020

Kate Hudson Reveals She Would Have Dated Jimmy Fallon Back In The Day

If you’ve ever weirdly shipped Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson together, you might have been on to something. Hudson jokingly...

Mar 30, 2020

How Late Night TV Shows Are Dealing With COVID-19

Since the coronavirus has caused schools, stores, and many businesses to close for quarantine the same fate has happened to...

Mar 17, 2020

Gigi Hadid Interviewed by Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid talked everything from dipping her french fries in mashed potatoes to making her own chairs by hand in...

Justin Bieber Mocks Taylor Swift’s Banana Video

If you’re confused by the term “Taylor Swift’s Banana Video,” it’s okay. Recently, she was a guest on The Tonight...

Oct 7, 2019

Jimmy Fallon Net Worth Right Now – Income, Salary & Finances

Following a successful Saturday Night Live career and short-lived, unsuccessful film career, Jimmy Fallon truly found his footing on late...

Mar 1, 2019

Kendall Jenner Dishes On Niece Stormi’s Lavish Birthday Party

"You know, she's one. I don't know if she's going to remember this."

Feb 15, 2019

Apr 27, 2018

Here Are 5 Bromances That Will Make Your Heart Melt

They're more than friends, they're bros.

Nov 14, 2017

Taylor Swift’s Emotional Performance On Jimmy Fallon Will Leave You Sobbing

"Whatever you think of Taylor, she did something beautiful for Jimmy and our show today, and we're forever grateful."

Jun 10, 2017

Twitter Is Sharing Their Worst Summer Jobs & They’re Insane

This makes my Hollister days look peachy.

Jan 8, 2017

Host Jimmy Fallon & Other A-List Celebs Will Recreate ‘La La Land’ For Golden Globes 2017 Opening

While most people can’t wait to see which actors, films and behind-the-scenes movie magicians snag the awards at tonight’s Golden...