A Guy Obsessively Harasses A Woman Who Swiped Left On Tinder

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are all the rage these days. These apps make it easy to match with someone simply by swiping right or left. Gone are the days of meeting a stranger by chatting them up in a coffee shop. Dating apps are seen as both a fun way to meet potential partners and a huge pain to keep up with. Whether it’s picking your five best photos to show off or creating a unique bio that attracts potential suitors, we can all agree it’s a pain.

Once you actually match with a person you then have to show off your personality over text, which never conveys the whole persona. And what if they’re a catfish who’s lying about their age? Dating apps have their cons, but they definitely have their pros. According to Dating Advice, a surprising 17% of marriages start through online dating and over 66% of users have dated they met online.

Not every first date ends with the 21-year-old dude telling you he’s five days into a divorce, we’ve all been there, right? Even if the person isn’t a match, you always get a special story to tell your friends later on. In one woman’s case, a creepily obsessive guy didn’t take kindly to being rejected.

Rejection Turns To Obsession


Julia, a young woman from Ontario, Canada took advantage of Tinder’s latest feature by connecting her Instagram to her profile. After swiping left to the stranger, which means no, the random guy found her on Instagram and began harassing her. In a tweet that has since gone viral, Julia includes four screenshots from her messaging account.

These messages include her telling this creeper that she wasn’t interested six times. In one message the stranger says, “You have no reason to say no. You are ON A DATING SITE.”

Julia then asked to be left alone. Sadly, these abusive messages continued.

He concluded with “It’s your loss. So hard. And you don’t even know. You just want to be miserable and alone, don’t you? Why are you even alive? What’s the point if you’re just going to spread misery and negativity? What a waste…”

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