Every Mac Miller Reference In Ariana Grande’s New Song ‘Imagine’

Last night, Ariana Grande dropped her second single from her upcoming album Thank U, Next. Her single “Imagine” is the antithesis to “Thank U, Next” and is a song about an unattainable love.

Not to mention, Ariana hits some insane whistle notes at the end of the song.


Ariana revealed that the song is about the end of a relationship and denying it’s over. “In a message to fans on Instagram, Ariana said that may of her songs mourn ‘failed yet important, beautiful relationships,’ and that “Imagine” in particular reflects denial–the compulsive act of rewriting an ending with what-ifs and if-onlys,” the iTunes description for the song reads. “Anyone who’s experienced grief can relate to this method of copying, and eventually we’re all forced to pick ourselves up and move on.”

After hearing the song, fans believe it’s about her relationship with Mac Miller. Mac died of an accidental drug overdose in September 2018.

First off, fans pointed out that Mac had a tattoo of the word imagine on his arm.


Other fans pointed out how lyrics in “Imagine” mimic Mac’s song “Cinderella,” which is about Ariana. She confirmed that the song was written about her in May.

In “Imagine” Ariana sings, “Staying up all night, order me Pad Thai.” In “Cinderella” Mac raps, “And when you hungry, I can chef you up a stir fry.”

In the annotated Genius lyrics, they credit the line in “Imagine,” “knew you were perfect after the first kiss,” to being about Mac.

Mac and Ariana’s first kiss was documented and filmed for their single “The Way.” They weren’t dating when they were filming and wouldn’t begin dating until a bit later. They were friends at first and then eventually dated.

Also, the song is about a love that unattainable now and she wrote this song after Mac died.

Do you think “Imagine” is about Mac?

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