Chris Brown Arrested In Paris For Rape

Chris Bown has been arrested and is being accused of rape in Paris, according to CNN.

The singer is being accused of aggravated rape and drug violations. Brown, 29, has been arrested alongside two other members of his team. They were taken into custody on the morning of January 21.

The alleged attack happened at Brown’s hotel the Mandarin Oriental hotel near the Champs-Elysees. According to French magazine Closer, the two other people arrested were his friend and bodyguard.

A 24-year-old woman is claiming the singer raped her at the hotel on the night on January 15. According to her police statement, she was invited to Brown’s hotel room along with a bunch of other women. She then claims that she found herself alone with Brown in a room and he raped her. She also claims his bodyguard abused her.

According to TMZ, in two days Brown will either be released or appear in court where a prosecutor can ask the judge to keep Brown in custody for a pending trial or be released with obligations. If he is released with obligations Brown will most likely have to surrender his passport and stay in Paris to await his trial, which will typically take a year.

This is not Brown’s first run-in with the law. Most recently in June 2018, he was arrested for an outstanding warrant for a felony battery charge for attacking a photographer. In May of that same Brown was being sued by a woman claiming he raped her.

In 2013, Brown and his bodyguard were arrested and charged with felony assault after an altercation in Washington D.C. Those charged were later reduced to a misdemeanor. During that same year, Brown was kicked out of rehab for smashing his mother’s car windows. He was court ordered to enter another rehab facility.

In  March 2014 he was hit with a probation violation for being kicked out of his rehab facility. He was sent to jail and later released in June 2014. About three months later he plead guilty for the altercation in D.C. and was sentenced to one day in prison and fined $150.

Most famously he was charged with physical assault for abusing his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. He was charged with felony assault and received five years probation and community service.