Here is Where AMI’s Spring / Summer 2021 Paris Fashion Week Will Be Broadcasted

Due to the pandemic, many designers have been unsure about the setting of their runway shows for the fashion weeks. But during the New York Fashion Week, we saw designers taking a step forward from traditional runway shows as Christain Siriano organized his NYFW runway show in his own backyard while Valentino picked an industrial space and transformed it into a garden for its NYFW runway show. Many other designers chose to digitally showcase their Ready To Wear collections during the fashion week. With Paris Fashion Week, as the government keeps updating the measures to be taken for protection against COVID 19, the designers were confused as to how can they have an audience view their runway shows? This made Ami come to a decision of broadcasting its Paris Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2021 runway show in the heart of New York City – Times Square!

This tech-savvy brand’s runway show will be aired on the gigantic 7,695 square foot screen in Times Square for New Yorkers to see at the Seventh Avenue, 43rd Street location. The show will start at 8 PM sharp on 4th October 2020.

Before this digital show, Ami was planning on doing a physical show, as Ami designer, Alexandre Mattiussi had said, “Presenting during the Paris Women’s Fashion Week comes from my desire to privilege a physical show rather than a digital one this season, as nothing carries the emotion like a show in public. I truly feel that, in this period more than ever, we are in need of human connection.” So even though there are restrictions on runway show gatherings, Ami came with a solution of broadcasting its PFW Spring/ Summer 2021 runway show for 3rd October 2020, the following day in Times Square, New York City.

This will be like a jumpstart for New York City as, during the pandemic, every New Yorker was hurt seeing their city in the state of a ghost town. Now with this runway show broadcasting, it will be a way to bring NYC back to its life for its people will once again be engaged in enjoying an experience like this as a community on the whole!

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