5 Valuable Life Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Countless articles on the web promise genius life hacks, only to be too much work or irrelevant. These tricks intend to make life easier, yet readers walk away and forget them a few minutes later, even if they believe the tip is beneficial. Maybe it’s because people tend to forget the recommendation during the time of need, or the lists are endless. With this regard, here are five life hacks—a brief list will help readers remember every suggestion—that I “discovered.”


Make An Improvised Ice Pack With A Bag

Bag filled with water


Ice packs are not usually prioritized on college packing lists, yet they are essential, especially for sports players. Be prepared by creating a make-shift ice pack, which requires three things: water, a ziplock bag, and a freezer. Fill the bag with water (temperature doesn’t matter) and put it in the freezer. Bear in mind that the bag’s shape (flat or bulky) cannot change once the water turns to ice. Lastly, fill the ziplock halfway because water expands as it solidifies.


Use Dryer Sheets To Clean Surfaces

cleaning a light switch


Laundry sheets can perform multiple tasks besides keeping clothes smelling nice. Instead of being tossed, bounce sheets can act as wipes, cleaning tables, countertops, and other surfaces. Their rough texture removes grease, crumbs, stains, food residue, and more. Fantastik or another cleaning spray is recommended. Here are ten unexpected uses for dryer sheets.


Water Revives Dead Markers

Yellow highlighter


This hack works with markers, highlighters, and sharpies. Turn the faucet on and quickly place the marker tip under the running water. Do this for only a second or two—a little less than “one Mississippi.” It is normal for the marker to “bleed,” and it means it is being revived. If you overwater the marker, the reverse effect will happen, and the marker will soak out. In other words, the bleeding will stop and the marker will be dead again. My advice: take the marker out of the water as soon as it bleeds.


Microwave Ice-Cream For Easy Scooping

Scooping chocolate ice cream


It sounds weird, but it works. Ice-cream is cold, and microwaves are hot. The result? Ice-cream that is easier to scoop. Microwave the quart for ten to fifteen seconds (or up to thirty when first opening the container). The less ice-cream left, the less time in the microwave. This trick makes the treat a little softer, yet it doesn’t sacrifice its temperature.


Wear Your Glasses While Vacuuming

Man vacuuming


For those who are near-sighted, glasses can do more than help you read road signs, tv guides, and writing on a whiteboard. They can also help one see crumbs, hair, dust, and dirt on the floor while sweeping or vacuuming. Although I am not tall, I find it easier to distinguish specks of debris when I put on my glasses. Every time I sweep or vacuum, I wear my glasses to avoid missing any crumbs.


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