Does Feminism Work In 2021?

Feminism; it’s the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. We all want rights, and we want all to be treated equally, but are we actually fighting for the right thing? When we fight for the rights of women, who are we actually supporting? People of color, the LGBTQ+ community, our fellow women in the workplace? What does feminism look like to each individual? Should there be one set of rules to define what a good feminist is? Should it even be called feminism in this day and age? Although I think it’s important to advocate for women’s rights, I have been recently considering what that actually looks like. Does feminism really work in 2021, or do we need to change our line of thought when it comes to this subject?



What are we fighting for?

Well, clearly we are fighting for women’s rights. However, in this day in age what does that look like? With the way the world is changing, it’s hard to say that it looks the same way it did compare to 100 years ago. Are we just fighting for equal rights for men and women, or are we trying to say women are better? I think feminism is a broad term that people can take for granted. It can lead to some women thinking that we are better than men, and that’s all they consider. Sometimes we don’t consider men to be part of the movement when that is not always true. On the other hand, in this day and age, people are taking feminism to a whole different level. Who pays for dates? Who stays home? Do both men and women work now? What do equal rights mean? If a woman does stay home to look after the kids/house, does that make her a bad woman? If a man doesn’t work and the woman does, is he not doing enough to provide for her? It’s all confusing and hard to understand where the line is. Is feminism just letting women and men work equally together, or is it letting women go about the world without getting harassed? There are just so many questions that come to mind when I think about this word. It also makes me wonder how non-binary people fit into all of this, just because they don’t feel like a man or woman, doesn’t mean they don’t have rights as well. How can we include everyone, so that we can have a world where there can be equal rights? I believe that our definition, explanation, and word need to change when it comes to wanting the world to be equal for everyone.

What can we do?

I truly believe that the world wants to be good. I think there are many wonderful things that have come out of women fighting for rights, but the world is changing. Just like we can change our minds about what fashion is, we can also change our minds to consider the world around us. As people, we need to consider every possibility. I think celebrating women and the LGBTQ+ community is a great thing, but perhaps when it comes to the term feminism, we can consider bringing everyone in. What about equalism along with feminism? That includes everyone who is having a hard time, and it shows that we are no longer confined to just one term. I don’t think feminism should disappear, but what about coming up with an equal term so that others being oppressed could use it. We should also take this chance to make sure that, we are not attacking others for not wanting to conform to a certain idea. Just because a woman wants to be a wife and mom, doesn’t make her a bad woman. Just because a man is running a company, doesn’t mean he’s sexist. Everyone, place, and opportunity are different in this world, and it’s important to recognize where we need to fight and where we need to just support others in our communities.


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