Which Creative Beauty Career is Best For You

No matter if you’ve got a tedious 9 to 5 job that you’ve been stuck in for years or if you’re fresh off the boat, you can always take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. With the rise of social media and all the access to the world of beauty that it offers, more and more people think about diving into this world to find out which creative beauty career is best for them. Many make the mistake of thinking that this industry is oversaturated and tough to make it there. However, this is not entirely true. One of the best virtues of beauty is that it’s everchanging. This leaves a tremendous amount of room and space for talented people that are rich with fresh ideas.

A creative beauty career isn’t all about fun and glamour

If you’ve decided to pursue one of the wonderful, inspiring beauty careers, there’s a lot that you need to do. Of course, as you’re probably well aware, there’s a lot that you need to achieve before you can call yourself successful in any of these fields. Firstly, you need to get motivated and stay motivated. Although it’s fun to think about all the possibilities that this world has to offer, you cannot expect to be amused and entertained constantly. There’s a lot of responsibility that’ll come with every one of these jobs, and you truly need to want this. 

Being a woman in business

Although the creative beauty scene is mostly overflowing with women, you’ll still feel the pressure of being a woman in business. Don’t forget that the pay wage gap is still very much real. You have a voice, so use it. The more successful you become, the more options and choices you’ll have. Don’t be afraid of being perceived as difficult and help your fellow feminists in need. Trying to get important subjects across will pave the way for anyone who’s to come after you, just as various women have set the scene for your generation.

Massage therapist

One of the most underrated beauty careers is being a massage therapist. Although people don’t think about this profession as an important one of the bunch, it really is. Apart from the fact that massage therapists need incredible amounts of energy, discipline, and strength to do what they do, it’s also something that one cannot only learn. If you’re a nail technician, for example, you can very well learn techniques without having the predisposition to the skill in any other way. However, massage therapists need to give away specific peaceful energy along with great techniques.



When it comes to choosing a creative beauty career, a massage therapist is rarely the first choice.

A person massaging another, practicing to be a massage therapist which is one of the most underrated creative beauty careers.

Makeup artist

On the whole other side of the specter of creative beauty professions, there’s makeup artistry. Most people that are into beauty dream of becoming a makeup artist. This wasn’t the case a couple of decades ago. The reason is that you could learn to do makeup only through courses, and no one had the knowledge of all the tips and tricks that really work. However, since then, the beauty community has grown immensely, primarily via YouTube. There’s an incredible number of makeup gurus out there that give all their secrets away for free. Nonetheless, a downside of this profession is that it’s a bit tough to make it even if you’re very good because it’s become somewhat mainstream.

Nail technician

Becoming a nail technician might be the easiest of the bunch. Still, there’s plenty to learn, of course. However, once you’ve got the technique down, there’s no more philosophy around the subject. You can also get any nail technician education you want for a very reasonable price and start working soon. If you could call any creative beauty profession a simple gateway drug to the rest of the beauty world, it would be this one. It’s easily approachable, you don’t have to invest a lot, and you’ll see the results in no time.


Hairstylist is one of the oldest creative beauty careers out of all of the mentioned on this list. However, although it might seem a bit dull in the beginning, if you dig a little deeper into this world, you’ll soon gather that there are many possible options to consider. Here are some of them:

  • You can be a color specialist or an updo/hairstyle specialist.
  • One of the choices you can make is whether you’ll opt for men or women. You can also do both.
  • Become an expert in a niche field that’s not so common such as extensions or bridal hairstyles.
  • You can have your salon for regular customers or aim for editorial styles and celebrities.
hair, barber


Out of all the creative beauty occupation choices, hairstylists have the most options and chances to be creative.

A hairstylist doing a bridal hairstyle on a bride-to-be.


If you’re drawn to makeup, but like skincare as well, you can choose the beauty career of an esthetician. There’s a lot that you’ll get to explore in this branch, and the pay is quite satisfactory.


Although there are many guides for designers, this might be the field where you’ll need raw talent above everything else. There’s a lot more to this career in creative beauty than meets the eye. You have to be able to draw and sow well, but, above all else, you need to be a visionary. This is a very competitive field and one in which you’re most likely to fail. So, before you try and do this, make sure you’re not only in love with the job but also that you’re qualified for it.

Designers need to put in a lot of work for their pieces to come to life.

A person sitting in their office and drawing a design that’ll soon come to life.

What do all of these creative beauty occupations have in common?

Apart from these options for a creative beauty career, there are plenty of others more. Modeling, beauty blogging/influencing, as well as being in sales or owning a spa/salon are all worthy mentions.  A disclaimer – before you fall in love with any of these, though, you need to have excellent social skills to make it in the world of beauty. It’s something that people don’t talk about a lot. However, it certainly is what the industry expects of you.

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