Top colleges for women athletes

If you happen to live in a sizable country, the odds are in your favour to make it big in sports.  If we look at the United States, there are many prospective students that seek scholarships, with the main focus being sports.  Football, swimming, track and field, basketball and more.  Mention any given sport and chances are, there is a colleague out there that excels in a specific sport. Most of the top players and athletes that make it to the NBA, NFL, Olympics and many other big sporting events, have started their respective sport training at college / university.


Every year, a fresh updated list of top colleges is published, ranking colleges, and hoping to lure students in. You will find students seeking a career in technology and innovation, others maybe in healthcare, however there is a niche of women athletes that will seek sport advancement. The exposure that a student gets and the relationships she builds in a college is crucial to get one’s name on the grid or map. Today we look at some of the top colleges for women athletes, and we also look at the sports on offer.

University of Southern California – Track and Field

If you want to make it to the US Track and Field Olympic team, you should definitely set your eyes on the University of Southern California (USC). Some of the elements that make the university so popular are its School of Medicine studies and the individual attention that students get with a 9 to 1 student to teacher ratio. A powerhouse, the track and field team has seen many good athletes pass through USC over the years, with the team setting a revenue record $1,119,992 collected in just 1 year. Other universities worth checking out if you are into track and field, include the University of Florida and Columbia University.

University of Connecticut – Basketball

Students seeking a professional career in basketball can start off with getting some basic knowledge at the University of Connecticut. The women’s team is deemed as one of the best in the country and they managed to collect a team revenue of $7,853,769 in a year.  Attending UCONN on a basketball scholarship, you will also be expected to do well in class, something that the teacher and tutors stress as important, even if you are at uni to pursue basketball. Other rewarding basketball programs worth considering if you are a female athlete include also Yale University and Georgia Tech.

Princeton University – Lacrosse

Apart from offering a pristine educational program, Princeton Uni is sought by many female students seeking to join lacrosse. The sport is coached at Princeton aiming to create sporting giants, and all of this materialized when student Holly McGarvie scooped 2 gold medals at the FIL World Cup representing Team USA in both 2009 and 2013. Other universities that offer female Lacrosse teams include Stanford University, Harvard and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Stanford University – Swimming 

Swimming is another sport that is loved by many, and lands Team US ample medals at the Olympic Games.  Students looking to join a prestigious university swimming program, should consider Stanford University. Coached by Olympians Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel, the Stanford Swimming training is held at the Avery Aquatic Centre, a place where swimming and diving stars are born. Other universities that offer immersive and professional swimming training include Duke University and the University of Florida.


Various universities nationwide offer a good amount of competitions to help students excel and display their sporting skills. During these competitions, talent scouts for the national teams will be looking closely to scoop the next Team US star, the next Olympic champion that will go down in history. Prior to settling on your next university to train your favourite sport, how about betting on some of the best university teams out there? Visiting most sports wagering sites will offer you various odds that will help you determine how well the specific sporting team is compared to others. And if you want to bet on your prospective future team, you can do so and snatch a great betting bonus as a welcome to the gambling site. In the meantime, parents of students can also place a bet at respective betting sites, betting on their kid’s future in the sport.  This is how much sports is taken seriously in life and the gaming world.

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