5 Basic Fashion Items You Need Today

Having basic clothing items is always a must. Basic clothing items are things that you can wear with pretty much anything because they are your basic colors, (black, white, gray), and you can dress up or down any outfit.

1. Button-Up

A button-up is always a staple item. You can pick pretty much any color that you want, but to make sure that it can match with anything you want, it is best to stick with neutral colors. You can wear your button-up by itself and pair it with some jeans and add some accessories, but you can also pair it with a colored jacket to make it pop!

2. High-Waisted Jeans

Jeans are always a staple item that is constantly going to be in style. You can wear anything with jeans, which is the beauty of wearing a staple item! You can go casual, but also dress it up just like this picture. Jeans are one of the most worn fashion items, and obviously, you can tell why! You can find some fashion rules to live by here.

3. Everyday Sunglasses

Obviously, the sun is out pretty much 99% of the time unless it is gloomy outside. Having your everyday sunglasses can really make your outfit too because it can pull everything together while you are protecting your eyes. Win-win, right? You can also see more on what accessories to have here!

4. Blazer

Adding a blazer to any outfit can really dress it up. Just like this picture above, if you focus on neutral colors, you can combine pretty much any outfit with any color. Also, if you want, you can trade out this neutral blazer for a pop of color too. If you are not into just neutrals, that is a good alternative because it will make you stand out and if you wear a neutral shirt and pants, you can wear pretty much any color like pink, blue, purple, orange, etc.

5. Neutral Sneakers

Shoes are so important, especially because you need them every day. Aside from always needing them, you can pretty much wear any type of shoe with any outfit. Having a neutral-colored shoe is so important because you can base any outfit around your shoes. Now, I know having white shoes can really be iffy because they get dirty so fast, but you don’t necessarily need white shoes, you can always opt for black, brown, or gray.