Grammy Awards 2015: Best Must-See Instagram Photos

Celebs, they are just like us!
Instagram was full of the Grammys atmosphere last night, as celebs filled us in what happened backstage of the exclusive event, the arrivals, outfits, selfies and of course the after parties.
We show you some of the best Instagram from the 2015 Grammy Awards

Sam Smith

[protected-iframe id=”fb448b3244957bb4f865c8e7b3131acd-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]


[protected-iframe id=”edd2e4365e11ff4b065ce91c0087c987-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]

Kim Kardashian West

[protected-iframe id=”8bfd676f5dc2c863dce3c40530566d81-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]

Ariana Grande
[protected-iframe id=”634c2ecc9c21caaef651e5f4b0b3b1e8-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″]


[protected-iframe id=”962503805eccbf5fa6b03acff1bd6767-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]

Miley Cyrus
[protected-iframe id=”e0d5e90c4f3310f6510590b089e8d4ac-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]


[protected-iframe id=”fe5ad823ebe2361568e767a37e956b4f-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]

And of course, BEYONCE
[protected-iframe id=”f796525221d62b557db7ed9f13b37f04-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]
[protected-iframe id=”621d3163e58bd841be6d10cab6a1e9c9-860993-80121925″ info=”//” height=”740″ ]

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