NYFW Just Got Kanye'd With His Last-Minute Show Announcement

Kanye West is very respected in the fashion world, and Anna Wintour is a known fan of his style. He has even become Kim Kardashian‘s stylist since they got together. His NYFW fashion show in February was a huge star-studded event with a front row consisting of Kim and North West, Jay Z, Beyonce, the rest of the Kardashians, and several others. With such a successful show, it was strange that he wasn’t going to be featured in fall fashion week with his Yeezy Season 2 collection.
Well, he wouldn’t be Yeezy if he didn’t like to shock everyone, which he did by adding his own show to NYFW schedule last night for this Wednesday at noon. NYFW happens twice a year and involves months of planning, but apparently Kanye is exempt from that rule. According to E!, many are angry at the fact that he was able to just slip in during the last week without any hesitation. It has also resulted in designer Anne Bowen feeling the need to change her show.
Some feel that she has no right to be upset because there was always going to be other shows going on during theirs. Attendees get to choose which show they are going to. The problem with this is that…it’s Kanye West. He’s a huge name and since everyone could not stop talking about his last NYFW show, that means everyone will ditch the other show and go to Yeezy Season 2 if they have the chance.

The other designer, Naeem Khan is scheduled for the same time, but does not see the last minute show as a major conflict because her show is an evening wear collection. Bowen sees this as such an issue due to the fact that like Yeezy Season 2, her collection is also street wear  – attracting the same event-goers.
Pushing her show back has cost a lot financially (and mentally), now scrambling to make sure everything goes smoothly. She has filed a complaint with the CFDA fashion calendar, who apparently had no idea that Kanye planned to have a fashion show. Stephen Kolb, president of the CFDA told E!, “The first I heard about the Kanye show was what I read in the Post.”
Does it get any more Kanye than that?

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