Donald Trump’s Campaign Staff Went to a Strip Club Instead Of Helping Him Prep for the Final Debate

The third and final Presidential debate proved that Donald Trump is not a competent politician. Between calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” (sparking Internet memes galore) and his temper tantrums, he lost himself whatever ounce of respect he might have had. Not to mention all of the controversy surrounding the 2005 leaked video and the numerous women who have come forward saying that he sexually assaulted him.

It’s pretty clear that he’s no longer at the top. However, his performance could have been less terrible if it weren’t for his campaign staff, who reportedly hung out with members of the press at a strip club instead helping Trump prepare the night before the third debate.

According to Page Six, the campaign’s senior communications advisor Jason Miller, senior advisor AJ Delgado and deputy communications director Jessica Ditto went to Sapphire Las Vegas Strip Club, one of the largest strip clubs in the world. They were supposedly joined by a CNN producer, an NBC News reporter and an ABC News cameraman, along with several other members of the press.

“It was a pretty bad idea, especially the day before the final debate,” a media insider said. “It’s a serious lapse in judgment.” We have to say that we agree.

We’re not sure what the campaign staff was thinking because this is an awful decision for many reasons. First off, Trump is already a highly controversial candidate, especially for his treatment of women and attitudes towards people of color. Additionally, the Presidential candidate has been constantly claiming that the election is “rigged” by the media in the favor of Hillary Clinton. Yet it’s his advisors that are hanging out with members of the press at a strip club the night before the debate.

Miller, one of the strip club attendees, also Tweeted on the night of the debate about the election supposedly being rigged to favor Clinton. Perhaps he doesn’t understand irony, but we certainly do. Whether or not Trump personally knew about this strip club outing, this seems as shady as it gets. How can Trump claim the media is against him if his senior advisors are out partying with the media themselves?

The election is only two weeks away. If Trump wants any chance of winning, his staff might want to stop going to strip clubs and start helping their candidate.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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