These Memes of Michelle Obama at the Inauguration are Giving Us Life Right Now

If you’re watching the Inauguration right now (or even if you’re not and you’re just browsing the Internet mindlessly like yours truly), you’ve probably already seen at least one meme of Michelle Obama at the Inauguration Ceremony. While she’s been poised and professional the entire time, we’re pretty sure she’s been internally screaming any time she gets near any of the Trumps.

Obama’s facial expressions have been less than enthusiastic during today’s events, prompting some response from Twitter users galore. Of course it makes sense that (now former) FLOTUS would be having a hard time with it. She not only strongly advocated for Hillary Clinton, but was explicitly against many of Trump’s ideals. Not to mention that awkward moment when his wife, Melania, gave her a box from Tiffany’s, as if she’d completely forgotten that Mrs. Trump had plagiarized her speech from Mrs. Obama. So yeah, she’s not looking like she’s confident in the fate of our country.

Take a look at some of the best memes so far:

We’ll miss you and your terrible poker face, Michelle.


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