Here are Some Non-Sexual Ways You Can Turn Someone On

We all have our personal styles when it comes to flirting. Some of us wink, some of us laugh, some of us have the natural ability to make just the right amount of eye contact (if that’s you, please teach me your ways). Basically, if we want to be sexy, we all have different ways of doing so.

But what about when we’re not trying to be sexy? Can we still turn people on? Science says yes, yes you can. No need for red lipstick or a smokin’ hot outfit – a few simple things will do the job for you with practically no effort!

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In an exclusive study called “Atypical Arousal,” Superdrug Online Doctor found many turn-ons that have nothing to do with sex at all. They surveyed 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans to find out which sexual triggers were most common among men and women. Some of the results may surprise you!

The number one turn-on for men AND women? Scent. Wearing perfume or cologne definitely gets the attention of people around you, whether they realize it or not. Foreign accents and languages made the list too, so if you haven’t practiced your Spanish lilt since high school, you may want to brush up on it. Specific uniforms also made the list, though how much of that is influenced by – ahem – a certain film industry, we’re not sure.

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A few of these aren’t that surprising: maid uniforms and schoolgirl uniforms? Those have been sexualized quite a bit by the porn industry. But wearing socks made the list, although towards the bottom, as did stretching, choker necklaces and buns. Well, if science deems it true, it looks like all I need to do is throw on perfume and my messy bun and pizza socks will become instantly attractive.

As for women’s turn-ons, they focus a little more on action rather than appearances. Reading and playing with a dog are considered attractive qualities, as well as holding a baby. According to the survey, it also seems like women prefer more sophistication when it comes to uniforms, favoring military and doctors. So if you’ve ever tried to flirt with your cute physician, it’s probably normal.

The survey also found everyday locations where people would feel unexpectedly turned on. They found that nearly 1 in 5 respondents have been aroused while at work! But flirting in front of your boss’ office doesn’t do anything for you, you still have Netflix to help you out:

Superdrug Online Doctor

Grocery shopping isn’t where we’d imagine a super hot interaction, but science doesn’t lie. The whole world is your sexy oyster! You can read the full survey at Superdrug Online Doctor for more breakdowns of their results.

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