Here’s What FACE Security Leaked On Danielle Bregoli’s Instagram Account

Yesterday afternoon, Danielle Bregoli — AKA the “Cash Me Ousside” girl — had her Instagram hacked by FACE Security Group. Little is known about the alleged group of hackers, but the threatening videos posted to the 13-year-old’s account quickly went viral and are creepy AF.

For those who missed them, the first three videos berated the American people for making this girl famous. In retaliation for our poor choices, FACE announced that chaos would ensue later this week and “leaks” would be happening today. Later, an ominous black photo that read “1700 Reykjavik, Iceland” was posted.

Commenters assumed that the underlying message of the post was the time the leaks were going to be posted — 5 P.M. Iceland time, 12 P.M. EST. Nothing has been posted on her Instagram account, but a video was conveniently dropped at the same time:

As you can see, the same logo from her Instagram posts are featured in the beginning of the video. The video is a song by Mook Boy called “Juvy,” and features Bregoli rapping. It’s terrible and we’ve officially lost all faith in humanity. Apparently Facer Press was behind it, specifically some guy named Glassface.

Who knew the Cash Me Ousside girl could pull off such an elaborate publicity stunt?

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