FACE Security Group Hacked Danielle Bregoli’s Instagram Account — Who Are They?











Yesterday afternoon, Danielle Bregoli — best known for her appearance on Dr. Phil where she was deemed the “Cash Me Ousside Girl” — had her Instagram account hacked. Five threatening messages were posted to the 13-year-old’s account by a group called FACE Security Group, while her bio was changed to several unknown characters and a phrase in Russian that can roughly be translated to “Democracy dies in darkness.”

Danielle Bregoli FACE Security
The first three videos berate Americans for making this girl famous (and rightfully so — she’s literally terrible and threatened to beat the sh*t out of the Kardashians, but still managed to get numerous reality show offers last month) and promise that a “leak” is coming. Of what, we’re not sure, but a final post alludes to something happening at noon EST today.






Creepy, right? The triangle is reminiscent of the Illuminati sign, while the computer generated audio is strikingly similar to that of Anonymous videos. So WTF is FACE Security Group? Not much can be found on the alleged group of hackers online, but Reddit has some interesting ideas as to what this all means.

A number of commenters have suggested that the group was formed as a publicity stunt.

“From what I can see, Its a publicity stunt, but some say these hackers plan to destroy democracy… Desperate reach for attention or warning sign for an attack on democracy?” one person asked. “The statement in the video is kind of true; Americans somewhat idolized a little girl who disrespected her mother. If this really is a publicity stunt, it’s working and working very well.”

But another pointed out that The Washington Post had recently been using the phrase “Democracy dies in darkness,” insinuating that the hack could be more political than we think.

Catch Me Outside Girl Instagram Hack is Totally a Distraction from CIA Leak from conspiracy

What’s even weirder is that a separate Instagram account pointed out that the profile photo has an undercover R right after “FACE.”


Seriously our minds are exploding. What do you think is happening? Sound off in the comments below.

Update – Wednesday, 12:00 P.M.
Much to our dismay, the hack was a hoax. Nothing was posted on Bregoli’s Instagram account at noon, but a music video was dropped on YouTube at that exact same time.


The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl’s Instagram Has Been Hacked & The Messages Are Creepy AF
The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl’s Instagram Has Been Hacked & The Messages Are Creepy AF
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