A Mischa Barton Sex Tape Is Circulating Around Hollywood Just Months After Her Public Breakdown

Mischa Barton had a rough start to 2017. In late January, the former OC star was taken to a psychiatric hospital after neighbors heard her threatening to kill herself. Afterwards, a video showing Baron in peril circulated online, along with a 911 call detailing her bizarre behavior. Now the Daily Mail reports that a sex tape featuring the actress is being shopped around Hollywood.

According to the publication, the erotic video, which allegedly shows Barton getting intimate with a dark-haired partner, is being offered to the highest bidder with the starting price $500,000.

“The tape is being shopped around porn valley, the asking price is $500,000,” Kevin Blatt, the industry’s leading broker confirmed. “I know at least three large sites… have reviewed it and they’ll seriously considering the offer.”

The video is believed to have been shot at a private Hollywood residence within the last year, and is being shopped around without her content. Sources close to the actress fear for her emotional well-being, should the video be leaked online.

“This is the last thing Mischa needs,” one person told Daily Mail. “Her name has been dragged through the mud enough times, she doesn’t need a sex scandal right now.”

Does anyone? Mischa Barton is going through some serious sh*t, but even if she wasn’t, a sex scandal wouldn’t be in the cards for her. Selling a private video without the subject’s consent is wrong on all levels, not just when the subject is going through something traumatic. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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