Sketchy Employee Steals Teen’s Number From Store Databases & Sends Super Inappropriate Text

It’s bad enough to get hit on by someone you’re not attracted to, especially if they’re out of your age range. But it’s worse when it happens in a work setting, because you feel obligated to be polite anyways. Sometimes though, the person totally crosses the line, something Tara Waterfield just experienced when a store employee took her phone number from the store’s database and sent her a seriously creepy text.

The 17-year-old high schooler was a phone store in Plymouth, England, getting a phone upgrade when she noticed one employee in particular was giving her some attention. And we mean, a lot of attention. “Every time I looked around he was staring and smiling at me,” Waterfield explained to the Plymouth Herald. “At first I smiled back just to be friendly but after a while it was getting creepy.”

Turns out, the dude was even weirder than expected! Waterfield eventually left the store and went to a coffee shop with a friend. As she was talking about how uncomfortable she was with the whole situation, her phone received a text from a number she didn’t recognize. Clearly, Waterfield has good timing, because as she was telling her friend about the overly “friendly” employee, she gets this text from him:

Brings a whole new meaning to ‘speak of the devil’… And WTF is up with those emojis? Everything about this is awful. Especially because she’s underage, and this store employee was clearly older than her. Even if he didn’t know that, pulling someone’s number from the store’s database without their consent is super shady.

Waterfield describes her reaction as totally shocked. “I stood looking at my friend and thought ‘what do I say to this’ and I stood looking at it for ages. It’s a bit inappropriate,” she explained. To clarify, it’s extremely inappropriate and creepy and potentially illegal, as it is thought that the employee pulled her contact information from the store’s databases. Waterfield confessed she was worried he might even show up at her house unexpectedly.

Clearly freaked out, Waterfield told her dad, who complained to the company. They apologized and offered the family compensation, as well as launching an investigation. A spokesperson has since said that the employee has been suspended. Hopefully, this dude learns to not be an enormous creep on unsuspecting girls in the future.

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