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A New Photo Of Donald Trump Jr. In The Woods Is Now A HUGE Meme

Donald Trump Jr. Meme

Jeff Vinnick/Getty

On Saturday, The New York Times published an in-depth profile on Donald Trump Jr., the oldest Trump son, but people weren’t especially preoccupied by its contents.

Though the interview covered everything from his hard-partying past to that horrifying Skittles comment to his social profile, this stylistic woods photograph is what stood out, at least on Twitter.

Because the internet is a beautiful, savage force, within hours this pensive shot of Trump Jr. posing like something between an uncomfortable low-budget tractor advert and a “rustic” challenge from the beginning episodes of America’s Next Top Model before anyone is voted off went massively viral.

Everyone from parody account Half an Onion in a Bag to Teen Vogue‘s resident political force Lauren Duca had something to say. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tweets, so if you’re having a dull Sunday, steel yourself for laughter.

Never change, Twitter.

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