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Sephora Just Opened Its Biggest Store In The U.S., So Check Your Credit Card Limit

Beauty Trends 2017


In the midst of a trying year, the universe has finally decided to give us one…and it’s coming in the form of a staggering, beautiful new Sephora store — the biggest in North America.

The store is located on 34th Street in the heart of Herald Square in New York City, so if you’re a New Yorker, you can enjoy its 11,380 square feet and over 13,300 individual products *breathes deeply.*

The store is unusual for a few reasons aside from its massive scale. It will have a Beauty Workshop that is “the heart of the store,” Sephora professional Karoline Karakeosian told Allure Magazine. The Workshop will have classes you can take to learn how to do make-up, tablets to test makeup virtually, which is some high-tech level magic Hermione Granger would appreciate, and upload selfies to the Beauty Board.

It will also feature interactive services like the Moisture Meter, a baby-thermometer type device that detects the moisture in your skin so that you can buy the correct concealer/foundations for your face.

For those who struggle with mastering the complexities of contouring, false eyelashes, finding the right foundation shade, and applying the perfect smoky eye, this new store’s features will be a lifesaver.

BRB, buying a plane ticket.

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