Pop Bottles, You Can Now Add Wine To Your Skincare Routine

Before I head into my review of Soko Glam’s Neogen Gauze Peeling Wine exfoliator pads, I have to make a confession. I don’t always incorporate exfoliators into my beauty routine. I know, I know, I totally should, especially because my skin type is combination with it being both dry and oily depending (almost literally) on how the wind blows. So, I was super excited to try these and finally incorporate an exfoliator into my routine.

Right off the bat, I knew I was going to love these. An exfoliator that incorporates wine? Sign me up immediately!


I can’t say this enough about these exfoliators – they smell amazing. They don’t exactly smell like wine. Instead, they have more of a fruity/grape soda scent that isn’t overbearing. That might not sound appealing but I’m 100% here for it. Whenever I try any skincare products, if the smell is strong in a chemical, fragrant way, I’m turned off by it. On top of my face being dry and oily at times, it’s also sensitive. Fragrances don’t help that fact.

These individual exfoliators were incredibly easy to use, which is always a big plus. The small pads come with a handy pouch for your fingers. You have more control over your usage. I didn’t even have to press down too hard for the exfoliator to remove my excess makeup and any build-up that gets on my face over the course of the day. My face felt incredibly clean afterward without leaving it so dry that I had to rush to lather on loads of moisturizer after.


All I did after using one of the exfoliators was apply a regular amount of my everyday moisturizer and I was good to go! My face felt smoother than it had in a long time. I could also see the next day that my face was a bit clearer. Although, I’m sure I would see more results with frequent usage of these exfoliators. And since these exfoliator pads are a dream, I’ll be sure to incorporate these into my skincare routine from here on out.

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