Chrissy Teigen Pays Woman’s Tuition, Proves She Is A Literal Angel

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment the world fell for Chrissy Teigen. Was it when she slammed mommy-shamers? When she slept through Casey Affleck’s Academy Awards speech? When she clapped back at her critics on Twitter with all of the tact of an enraged porcupine?

Regardless, once we fell, we fell hard, and sweet crooner John Legend started to pale in comparison to his sassy, outspoken, bold and brilliant model wife.

Now we have yet another reason for you to worship this goddess, because she just helped to fund tuition for a North Carolina woman’s esthetician school.

Mercedes Edney had only raised $300 since she started a crowd-sourcing campaign to raise money for her tuition. Fortunately, Teigen stepped in yesterday, adding $5,600 to her campaign, and closing the gap Edney still needed to fund her schooling.

Edney founded Ixora Botanical Beauty in 2012 (using her impressive chemical engineering background) and wanted to “further [her] skin care knowledge by getting [her] license in esthetics.”

Teigen has seemingly been following Edney’s journey, writing: “I’ve seen this be your passion for such a long time now”  in a note with her donation, “So excited to see you fulfill your dream!”

Edney was shocked when she saw the donation, and first assumed it was a glitch. However, once she realized what had happened, she was anything but apathetic.

*sniffs* Hopefully they meet in person soon!

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