If Lisa Frank Were A Milkshake, She Would Be This Magical Unicorn One

Here for it or not, the unicorn fad is not passing anytime soon, and my rainbow-filled, puffy marshmallow, leopard-print puppy folder, pink glitter tutu dreams live on and on (and on. )

Caked LA is just the latest to get on the magical sparkling train with its “unicorn milkshakes” that have already become an Instagram fad, and it isn’t exactly difficult to see why.

The milkshakes are made with three scoops of vanilla bean ice-cream, milk, and colorful dye, and Bustle reports that they are inspired by the Caked LA boss’ five-year-old daughter who loves rainbows (awww.)

Should five-year-olds run the world? Honestly, probably, because these milkshakes have garnered the owner thousands of followers on Instagram, which likely equate to significantly more showing in his cafe.

The California cafe just opened on April 8. While they do serve other things, like coffee and pastries, you won’t catch me there for anything other than these stunning milkshakes, pretending I’m Lisa Frank herself, astride a sparkling unicorn, perhaps holding a wand, living happily ever after.




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