Forever 21 Has Joined The Bow Wow Challenge & It’s Iconic

Earlier this week, in the midst of an FBI scandal and The Rock’s potential presidential nomination, the Bow Wow challenge emerged out of the darkness, bringing us a sense of quiet, spiteful joy.

On Tuesday, Bow Wow (Shad Moss) posted a photo of what he claimed was his private jet — but a passenger on a commercial airline spotted him in a seat nearby and busted him online for all to see. Thus, the haunting and beautiful #BowWowChallenge was born.

The Internet is dragging Bow Wow for his falsehood by turning him into a viral — and somewhat deserved — meme about lying to look better.

Forever 21 has now joined the party, mercilessly mocking Bow Wow with their “luxury” campaign shoot.

The clothing brand cut and pasted models on top of a photo of an island. “Bts of our luxury island festival campaign shoot #bowwowchallenge,” the post read. “Haters will say it’s photoshop.”

It is, of course, poorly-executed photoshop. This social media director deserves a raise.

Forever 21 is also having an expansive Mother’s Day sale — so repay them for their sheer check on their website, and enjoy a little something for yourself.

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