Champagne Now Comes In 6-Packs & This Changes Everything

If you have money to blow and parties to throw, your summer just got that much classier.

Moët & Chandon has released the Moët Mini Share Pack, available nationwide. It’s a six-pack of adorable 187-millimeter mini-champagne bottles of the classic Imperial Brut champagne. You just know that Blair Waldorf would pop one open on a sweltering day in the Hamptons (sans spillage and fanfare) and sip from her flute, designer sunglasses propped on her forehead, a crystalline turquoise infinity pool sprawled before her.

Keeping with the visual, it’s $100. Still, the six-pack comes with golden flute toppers (although at this size, who needs a glass? I mean, other than Blair. We all know Serena wouldn’t.)

The six-packs are definitely practical; after all, not only is there an individual bottle for each person, but everyone gets to pop their own (which is the best part of champagne.) They would be perfect for graduations, weddings, and engagements.

Still, at that price, I might stick to canned rosé.

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