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Watch Priyanka Chopra Shut Down Wendy Williams After A Sexist Descriptor


Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

Baywatch star Priyanka Chopra has been doing no shortage of press for her new summer flick, but a recent interview took a turn when Wendy Williams asked her an odd question during her interview onĀ Wendy.

Williams asked Chopra about her best friend Meghan Markle, but it was the descriptor she used that turned Chopra off.

“You’re friends with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry‘s girlfriend?” Williams cries out.

Chopra’s not super into the question. “Also, Meghan Markle, actress…Suits… her achievements,” she edits the talk show host, “Just saying.”

“Okay, I understand that,” Williams agrees. The entire exchange is light-hearted and the interview as a whole isn’t awkward or strained, but it’s definitely an uncomfortable moment.

Watch Chopra standing up for her BFF below, and simultaneously wince at the notion that women are defined by the men they’re with and let the glow of female friendship wash over you.

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