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GROOL: A ‘Mean Girls’ Eyeshadow Palette Is Coming This Fall


mean girls

Storybook Cosmetics prides itself on creating totally fetch pop culture beauty products, and the indie makeup brand sent the Internet spiraling when it announced a Mean Girls-inspired eyeshadow palette with much the same effect as Regina distributing pages of the Burn Book around school.

It was seven months before we heard another update (long enough to personally victimize anyone), and without ESPN, we had no way of knowing if the Mean Girls palette would ever come to fruition.

The company at long last announced Thursday on Instagram that the palette is coming after all, and it’s coming in a matter of months (we anticipate the release on October 3.)

On Wednesdays we wear Storybook Cosmetics. – Fall 2017

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The palette will feature 12 shades — we don’t know them yet, but we’re guessing there will be a pink one (for Wednesdays), two for Glenn Coco, and an army pants green.

The Mean Girls palette was actually one of Storybook Cosmetics first ideas, co-founder Missy Maynard told PopSugar, and they are “ecstatic” about it. DUH.

We’re hoping it’ll be cute enough to book you car commercials in Japan and durable enough to withstand a hookup in the projection room above the auditorium. Make sure you’re ready when it’s released this fall — because if it sells out, what are you going to do? Try Sears?

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