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Forget About The World Burning Around Us Because All-Pink Starbursts Exist Now



Forget for a moment about James Comey. Forget that we have a president at all. Forget about the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud that pits powerful women against one another. Forget about the Sharia March *twitches.*

We have news — and no, in the scheme of life, even of the scheme of this week, it is not substantial news. But for one small, savory moment, allow yourself to react to this announcement with a half-smile of relief, an exhale of near-unrecognizable joy.

All-pink Starbursts exist and they are officially in stores!!!

Starburst announced the limited edition pink pack in March, Teen Vogue reports, and the Elle Woods-approved candies finally hit stores yesterday. Do what any Cosmo girl would do any hit up Walmart, Walgreens, Target, or Kroger to get the millennial-pink candies before they’re gone.

They are at least as Instagrammable as the Starbucks pink drink — and let’s be honest, their taste is far superior.

You deserve better than a yellow Starburst. *adopts Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love intonation* Be better than a yellow Starburst.

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