21 Dares To Make Sure Your 21st Birthday Is Unforgettable


After years of waiting, your 21st birthday has finally arrived. Getting lit is now legal and it’s only right to celebrate this milestone to the fullest. This is the one night where it is not only completely acceptable to get absolutely wasted but is also a rite of passage into the world of legality.

Here is the ultimate 21st birthday checklist. I hope you’re up for the challenge.

1. Obviously start the night with a round of your favorite shots.

2. Assign someone to be your photographer for the night. Throughout the night the two of you must take 21 selfies doing weird things.

3. Now pick a judge.

4. Send the designated judge all the selfies you and photographer takes throughout the night.

The judge must rate the pictures from 1-5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best) based on creativity, amusement, and level of sobriety.

5. At the end of the night, tally up the points from your judge. Divide that number in two and text that many people a random funny joke.

6. Have your photographer pick an assistant.

Even though selfies are hysterical, bring back the fun of a disposable camera for the night. The chosen assistant will be in charge of taking at least 21 photos on the camera.

7. You haven’t had a drink it a while… it’s time for the infamous “no-hands” shot!

8. Make a toast!

9. Drunk dial the 21st contact in your phone. If they don’t pick up leave a message.

10. Get your cab/Uber/Lyft/Subway driver sing happy birthday to you.

11. Take a picture with the bouncer who lets you into the bar.

12. Order your first legal drink and take a picture with the bartender who served it to you.

If you’re feeling ambitious ask to get behind the bar and make the drink yourself.

13. Make a secret handshake with a stranger.

14. Be the DJ at some point during the night or have the DJ give you a birthday shot-out.

15. Try a new drink at the bar.

16. Get 21 high fives.

17. Kiss 21 people! (Cheek counts). Bonus points if your photographer gets a picture of every kiss.

18. Collect 21 bills from 21 strangers.

Ask them to write a pick-up line on the dollar. You must use every pick-up line by the end of the night. Bonus points if you use random accents while delivering them.

19. Find a birthday twin and buy each other your favorite drinks.

Make it a surprise though! Don’t tell them what your ordering until after they take the first sip.

20. Steal a strange souvenir to remember the night.

21. Watch the sunrise

Most importantly, make it a night to remember and get home safely!

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