Joss Whedon’s Leaked ‘Wonder Woman’ Script Is Being DRAGGED On Twitter

Wonder Woman has been the queen of the box office this summer. The movie has been breaking records and receiving fantastic reviews. One of the biggest factors in its success is that Wonder Woman herself is depicted as a kickass superhero. She wasn’t a sexy woman who just happens to have the lasso of truth, but rather a superhero who sneaks her sword into a ball and defeats her enemies.

Joss Whedon has been trying to create Wonder Woman for years and eventually his wish came true…. but with a different screenplay and Patty Jenkins directing at the helm. At first, it was a bummer to see that Whedon didn’t have any part in making the movie, but now his Wonder Woman script was leaked and the Internet couldn’t be happier that his Wonder Woman never began production.

Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script is so sexist it’s almost funny. He essentially put Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s love interest and an English spy, at the center of his script and Diana Prince is written around him. His script starts off with Steve’s POV about meeting Diana and it is so cringey. The work is mainly focused on Diana’s looks and not that she lifted his plane off of him with her bare hands.

Jenkins’ Wonder Woman flips the script and makes Steve the damsel in distress and Wonder Woman the hero, which DUH. Why wouldn’t the superhero be the hero? Yes, there are some uncomfortable sex jokes in Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, but they aren’t degrading. Whedon’s Diana is all sex appeal and no strength.

Twitter is not happy with Whedon’s sexist depiction of Wonder Woman, especially because Whedon is set to direct Batgirl. Even though Whedon claims to be a feminist, a lot of his past work says otherwise. Let’s hope he will learn a few things from his Twitter roast and how well the Wonder Woman film has been doing at the box office.

If you are brave enough, read Whedon’s entire Wonder Woman script and see for yourself how awful and sexist his version is. We’d recommend just checking out the move instead.

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