7 Bad-Ass Buffy Summers Quotes For When You’re Looking To Make A Dramatic Exit

When Buffy Summers blessed our collective screens in 1997, people were appropriately dumbfounded. For Buffy is both girly and aggressive, flippant and deeply feeling; she joins Sunnydale High’s cheerleading team and loves to shop and highlights her hair. She also slays vampires with bravado, relishing in how self-sufficient and tough she is, and savoring her power to save those close to her.

Even watching her now, in 2017, I am in awe of her; it’s a response few fictional characters can provoke in me. Her wit, her ferocity, and her complexity make her the perfect heroine, one we don’t see often enough.

She’s also given some of the best dialogue in the series (apart from, perhaps, Willow), and Sarah Michelle Gellar delivers these one-liners, be they funny, biting, or impassive, with signature Buffy attitude. They are also fitting for anytime you want to leave a room in a dramatic manner — which, yes, Buffy often does.

For when your best friend asks you whether they should text him first:

For when your aunt asks you at Christmas dinner if you’ve settled on a career path yet:

For when someone goes after your friends or family:

For when you’re trying to explain that you just know someone sucks:

For when anyone tries to tell you you’re overdressed:

For the next person who thinks they can interrupt you while you’re speaking:

And, finally, for when someone asks who is going to save you:

*Disclaimer: All of these lines are best delivered immediately before walking out the door with a slam and striding away into the sunset.

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