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This Is The World’s Most ‘Grammable Cotton Candy



If you’ll fly across the world to snag the perfect Instagram, get your GPS ready: we have your next destination.

A Japanese candy store, the Totti Candy Factory in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood, sells rainbow cotton candy the size of your torso. It’s an over-the-top, extravagant, multicolored mountain of spun sugar molded into a perfect layered cone.

It’s also guaranteed to rack you up dozens of Instagram likes (unless your followers are monsters.)

After paying for it, the cotton-candy maker spins five colors of fruit-flavored sugar together into a rainbow cloud so large the store has signs reminding customers not to bump into people with it.

JUST LOOK (and all at over 100 likes.)

This was quite possibly the best decision I've ever made while living here in Japan… 😜🍭

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Officially a diabetic 🍭🍬🌈🦄 #sugar #fairyfloss

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I’m done, I swear.

*tries to be reasonable and accept that this is not an appropriate use of money*

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