Here’s How To Send A Vibrator To Every Member Of Congress

The fight for reproductive equality in the United States is not exactly going well.

Four Planned Parenthood locations in Iowa closed this week due to lack of Medicaid funding, and it’s a loss that many fear foreshadows what could happen to the organization should the Affordable Healthcare Act pass the Senate.

“If Trumpcare is passed into law, we’ll see that kind of devastation happen nationwide,” Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in an email.

With so much happening in our country right now, it’s difficult to know how to react to all of it — and even more so, how to help. One charitable sex toy subscription service, Unbound, conceived of a clever way in which to retaliate.

The woman-owned company created “Vibes for Congress,” which is exactly what it sounds like. For $15, the company will send a finger vibrator, an educational pamphlet, and a personal message to a member of Congress of your choosing in the hopes of getting their attention. The pamphlet includes statistics on what Planned Parenthood is actually used for (cancer screenings, STD testing, and more), what the average copay of birth control pills is (@ TOMI LAHREN), how many women frequent the clinics (1 in 5) and more.

The best part? 75 percent of your purchase will go directly to Planned Parenthood.

“Bring attention to an often shadowed area in the hopes of raising awareness for the millions of women who are currently at the mercy of government’s pending legislation,” the website says.

Buy one — and at the very least make Mitch McConnell deeply uncomfortable — here.

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