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Baskin-Robbins Is Now Delivering Ice-Cream Directly To Your Air-Conditioned Room

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If you are of the (correct) opinion that summer is by far the most overrated season, featuring sweltering humidity, beads of sweat nestling near your hairline, and little opportunity for respite unless you’re near a pool or beach, there is a tiny spoonful of hope: Baskin-Robbins will begin delivering straight to your door.

Cut out the need to drive, bike, or walk in the heat to find relief in ice-cream, and instead let it come to you, splayed on your apartment floor, fans surrounding you, perspiration dripping from your bra as the scent of city garbage wafts through your open window.

Baskin-Robbins announced Thursday its welcome plans for delivery, Cosmopolitan reports. It will be teaming up with the delivery service DoorDash to deliver ice-cream in 22 cities across the U.S., so here’s hoping yours is one of them. While the delivery fee is $2.99, it’s easy to order with DoorDash’s app or website.

DoorDash will use insulated carriers to make sure the ice-cream isn’t a puddle of mush by the time it reaches you, Bloomberg reports, and all of the standard menu options will be available.

It’s not a bad plan. When it comes to venturing outdoors in 100 degree heat…

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