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This New Pringles Flavor Will Give You All Of The Freshman Dorm Flashbacks


It is your freshman year of college in the midst of finals week. The library is too crowded for you to find a decent spot to set up camp for the next 48 hours, so you are perched on your twin bed, three blankets tightly bound around your shoulders, because if there is heat in this dorm you certainly don’t feel any of it. The cheap water heater in your room begins to boil, and you pour the hot water over a cup of Top Ramen Chicken, immediately covering it back up and placing a textbook on top of it, waiting the instructed two minutes before uncovering. R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” begins blasting next door. You sigh and open your textbook.

Pringles is channeling all of your college nostalgia (or, if you are in college, making your ramen craving less messy) with its newest creation: Top Ramen Pringles.

The new flavor is limited-edition, so stock up now. It is only available at Dollar General for $1.50, Cosmopolitan reports, which, yes, is a little more expensive than a single pack of ramen — but no boiling water necessary. It is the perfect accompaniment to your caffeine-fueled late-night study bender or as a snack before you go out because the cafeteria food is so abysmal.

Pringles is collaborating with Nissin Foods (creators of Cup Noodles and Top Ramen) to make sure the flavor is authentic. Positive or negative, everyone has something to say about it.

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