P!nk’s Latest Instagram Is Resonating With Working Moms Everywhere

Working mothers have to balance the demands of both a career and motherhood, an often grueling task that involves no shortage of multitasking and ingenuity.

P!nk (real name Alecia Moore) posted a selfie with her baby yesterday that is resonating with this subgroup of powerful women for its rawness and representation of what it’s like to juggle both work and raising a child.

In the picture, the 37-year-old pop star is breastfeeding her six-month old son Jameson Moon Hart while in the midst of getting her hair done before a concert. Jameson is reaching up to brush her with a makeup brush while she feeds him, making the picture all the more adorable.

“Jameson can multitask too,” P!nk joked in the caption, “#workflow.”

Women are loving the photo both for normalizing the natural act of breastfeeding and for demonstrating what it is like to be a multitasking working mother. Sure, P!nk’s lifestyle doesn’t exactly mirror the average woman’s, but by showing a glimpse into her day-to-day routine, she is connecting with women who also have to work breastfeeding (or pumping or formula) into their workday.

“You are an inspiration for women all over the world!” one user commented.

“Love your Mama Groove.. doing what’s best for baby AND rocking your career.. you go girl!,” another applauded.

“Multitasking momma!! You’re beautiful love your vibe!!!”


While the photo seems innocuous enough, it is making a statement in spite of itself. As actress Amanda Seyfried pointed out in a series of tweets, our society sexualizes women’s bodies to the point where the act of breastfeeding disgusts many people or seems inappropriate; therefore, by posting a photo of it, P!nk is defending it as a natural process (one that people can easily look away from to shield their delicate eyes.)

Many people are disparaging the photo, calling it “disgusting,” “nudity,” and imploring her to cover up. Of course, she has no intention of doing so, and for that we applaud her.


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