Sarah Hyland Magnificently Burned Mike Pence After NASA Faux Pas

Vice President Mike Pence had some difficulty keeping his hands to himself à la Selena Gomez on his recent visit to America’s space agency in Florida, and Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is calling him all the way out for it.

A photo of Pence touching a piece of space flight equipment with a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign on it in glaring red letters at NASA has gone viral, and it has received so much media attention (and been the subject of so many memes) that even he is trying to get in on the joke.

“Marco Rubio dared me to do it,” Pence joked in response, to which Rubio promised that he had told the VP that “you break it, you buy it.”

Hyland isn’t laughing, though, instead drawing a striking parallel between the Vice President and a certain childlike Modern Family character.

“Sir. You are the Vice President,” she tweeted, “Not Phil Dunphy. #DoNotTouch.”

Her followers are laughing in response to the tweet (though many are coming to Phil Dunphy, lovable, clumsy family man’s, defense.)

She’s right; it should not be nearly so easy to draw a parallel between an impulsive TV character and the Vice President of the United States and chair of the National Space Council. Couldn’t we at least get an Alex Dunphy in the White House?


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