This Woman Lost 27 Contacts In One Eye, Forming A Giant Mass & Nope Nope Nope Nope

Is your worst fear death? Is it sharks or spiders or enclosed spaces? Is it suffocation? Is it heights?

Or is it losing contact after contact in your eye overtime, having no knowledge that such a thing was occurring, until 17 of the lost contacts form into a GIANT BLUE MASS JUST FLOATING AROUND IN YOUR EYE FOR AN UNDISCLOSED NUMBER OF YEARS?


An opthamologist at Solihull Hospital in the U.K., Rupal Marjaria, went in with her team to begin work on a cataract surgery on a 67-year-old woman when she discovered the mass in question. 17 contact lenses were glued together in the patient’s eye, forming a bluish mass “like nothing they’d ever seen before,” Allure reports.

“It was such a large mass,” she told Optometry Today, “All the 17 contact lenses were stuck together. We were really surprised that the patient didn’t notice it because it would cause quite a lot of irritation while it was sitting there.”

The patient had been wearing monthly contact lenses for the past 35 years, but did not attend regular opthamology appointments. She was under the impression that the discomfort in her eye must be due to her age and to dry eye, a common symptom of wearing contact lenses.

After finding the mass, the team of doctors found ten more lenses throughout her eye, and decided to postpone the surgery so as to give her eye a rest.

“She was quite shocked,” Dr. Marjara explained, “When she was seen two weeks after I removed the lenses she said her eyes felt a lot more comfortable.”

Having a disposable contact even rip in your eye, losing one tiny piece into the abyss for an hour, is a pain I would wish on only a few choice people in Washington, D.C., so it’s difficult to fathom the pain this woman must have been in with 27 contacts in her eye.

If you wear contact lenses regularly, go to yearly opthamology appointments — and take your contacts out from time to time to check in with your eyes and to give them a rest.

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