Talinda Bennington’s Twitter Account Was Hacked Right After Chester Bennington’s Death Went Public









Unfortunately, Chester Bennington died yesterday from suicide. The world stopped and paid respect to Linkin Park’s frontman.

Chester is survived by his wife and six children. Everyone has been waiting to see what their first public response will be and oh, we got one.

His wife Talinda posted a series of strange tweets following the public knowledge of his death. Fans are thinking she was hacked. If that’s the case then the hacker has no respect because these tweets are disturbing. And if she wasn’t hacked then are really no words.

The five tweets have been deleted, but the Internet sees everything.

In the first tweet, Talinda claims that Chester was already dead before hanging himself.

There was another tweet posted a few moments later in which Talinda claims she was cheating on Chester with the another Linkin Park bandmate Mike Shinoda.

In the third tweet, posted minutes later, Talinda wrote that she never loved Chester, only loved his money.

The tweets above were deleted and then she Tweeted this.

Her last tweet is more disturbing. She said she urged Chester to commit suicide.

Fans are hoping she was hacked, which seems to be the case considering the tweets were taken down quickly. This isn’t the first time Talinda has had issues regarding internet privacy. In 2007 a woman cyber-stalked Chester and Talinda and was found guilty.

Whoever did this needs a hobby because to hack a recent widow’s Twitter is not right.



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