A Newscaster Did A Live Broadcast With An Enormous Spider Crawling On Her Arm


The only conceivable way to avoid screaming during a live news broadcast when a massive spider is scaling your arm is not to know about it.

While shooting a live segment for KDFW in Dallas, newscaster Shannon Murray was blissfully ignorant to the enormous arachnid crawling up her arm in a clip that is now going viral.

Good Day Fox 4 posted a clip of Murray’s broadcast, calling it “Good Day Spider.” As of Friday morning, it has been viewed nearly 90,000 times, as viewers cannot stop replaying the chilling clip.

“WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?” Murray tweeted once she saw the clip, probably after showering three times.


— Shannon Murray (@ShannonMFox4) July 26, 2017

While Murray didn’t realize the spider was on her, she is getting serious props for keeping her cool as viewers struggle to imagine what their own reactions would be if the spindly creature was within a 100-foot radius of them, on-screen or off-screen.

Give your recurring nightmares some fuel and watch the shiver-inducing segment here.

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