The Teletubbies Had Babies & Literally None Of Us Were Prepared For This

The Teletubbies have always served as one of the oddest reminders of our collective ’90s childhood, with their human baby sun, unnerving pudding vacuum, and quirky dance moves. The alien creatures with televisions on their colorful stomachs seem much like babies — or, to be generous, children — themselves, which explains why people are SO VERY CONCERNED that they seem to have procreated.

Twitter user Lyen Krenz Yap made the horrifying discovery, which was quickly confirmed by a glance at the official Teletubbies website: there are EIGHT baby Teletubbies called the Tiddlytubbies who have their “own special part of the Home Dome” (Are they being supervised? Shunned? I have so many questions.)

Their names are Daa Daa, Baa, Ping, RuRu, Nin, Duggle Dee, Mi-Mi, and Umby Pumby. (Baa “loves popping up unexpectedly shouting ‘Baa!’ much to the others’ surprise!”)

Twitter users are, well, concerned.

Ok, a few questions: Are the Teletubbies the parents of said Tiddlytubbies? If so, which ones and… well, ah, how? Why are they kept in another part of the Home Dome? Will they grow up to be a new generation of Teletubbies? Do Teletubbies age and eventually die? Is this real? Am I?

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