This Nostalgic ‘Parks & Rec’ Reunion Will Make You Miss Pawnee

Because Pawnee is forever, Andy Chris Pratt, Leslie Amy Poehler, and Donna Retta all showed up to support Aubrey Plaza at her Ingrid Goes West movie premiere, and it is giving longtime fans Ron Swanson-solving-a-challenging-scavenger-hunt levels of joy.

On Thursday, all three former Pawnee Parks Department employees attended Plaza’s Los Angeles premiere, and in the process took a photo together that even April would secretly cherish (and that Leslie would frame next to her enormous office photo of Hillary Clinton.)

“It’s great, we all love each other,” Plaza told Us Weekly on the red carpet before joining her former cast-mates. “Amy’s coming too. She’s the best. We all love each other, we still do!”

The Parks Department’s continual commitment to preserving a lifelong friendship even while they all pursue different acting projects is enough to make anyone emotional.

“I love everyone I worked with on that show,” Pratt told Sirius XM in December of 2016, “We still talk, like, almost every day.”

*sighs with nostalgia*

J.J’s Diner, anyone?

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