This Teen Trolling Her Friends With A Fake Starbucks Drink Is Peak 2017

Starbucks has become as much an Instagram mecca for the aesthetic choices of Pink Drinks and Unicorn Frappuccinos as a source for early-morning caffeine jolts, and one teen decided to play off this trend by tricking all of her friends on Snapchat.

17-year-old Layla poured her gatorade into a Starbucks cup filled with ice — initially just to cool her beverage — but “the color looked cute,” so she decided to post her concoction online.

Her friends began messaging her asking her what the drink was called, and if it was off the “Secret Menu” (which absolutely does not exist.)

Layla decided to mess with them, telling them it was called a “frappajappajooza,” and everyone she told believed her and thanked her for her guidance.

Her tweet of her prank has gone viral, with over 355,000 likes and 95,000 retweets at the time of writing.

This tweet demonstrates just how absurd the Instagrammable Starbucks trend has become — though a refreshing blue gatorade over ice would probably sell no matter what name it’s given.

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