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University Of California Irvine Revokes Over 500 College Acceptance Letters



In a plot line that sounds like it’s straight out of a recurring stress-nightmare, hundreds of students who applied to University of California, Irvine, have had their acceptances revoked just months before fall classes begin.

More than 500 accepted students were unceremoniously kicked out (or rather, formally told they could no longer attend the university) just weeks after receiving their acceptance letters, Teen Vogue reports.

“I felt I was going to pass out,” Ashley Gonzalez, an 18-year-old whose dream was to attend the university, told the L.A. Times of the moment she received the letter rescinding her acceptance. “I couldn’t stop crying.”

Administrators explained that the letters were revoked due to issues with transcripts and final grades, stressing that July 1 was the hard deadline for that information — but some students do not feel that the explanation is adequate.

The vice chancellor of student affairs, Thomas A. Parham, has apologized to the students affected.

“I acknowledge that we took a harder line on the terms and conditions this year and we could have managed that process with greater care, sensitivity and clarity about available options,” he said in a message to students whose letters were revoked, “For those who felt ignored or mistreated, I sincerely apologize.”

Students are able to appeal the decision, as of Friday July 28, 56 have regained their admission spots, ABC 7 reports.

While universities have every right to rescind admission to students who no longer deserve it (like Harvard did in response to hateful online memes), rejecting hundreds of students weeks after accepting them is an unusual step to take.





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