Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Collection Costs More Than An Airline Ticket From NY To L.A.

Kylie Jenner‘s 20th Birthday Collection went on sale Tuesday (August 1) and of course immediately sold out — but some fans were floored by the prices of the trendy make-up.

The bundle, which includes all of the available products, costs $325, over twice what last year’s popular gold -themed package was priced at, Refinery29 reports. The bedazzled lipstick alone costs an unfathomable $60 , which — unless it contains magic dust capable of conjuring a sparkling fairy to grant your heart’s desire — seems a bit steep. (Hi, fairy, I’d like some reasonably priced makeup, please and thank you.)

Between the glittery millennial pink pouch and the gorgeous brushes, it’s not difficult to conceive of how fans are still willing to splurge for the make-up bundle. Still, that didn’t stop some from taking to Twitter to air out their frustrations.

If you still want the birthday kit, it is restocking today at noon PST. (I don’t blame you. It’s ‘grammable as hell.)

Or, fly United from New York to Los Angeles next weekend for $250.

According To A ‘New York Post’ Article, ‘Boobs Are Back’
According To A ‘New York Post’ Article, ‘Boobs Are Back’
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