Yves St. Laurent Releases Roller Skate Heels So Now You Can… Skate To Fashion Week?

Wheelies are so yesterday, at least if Yves St. Laurent has anything to say about it. The design house just revealed a roller skate-stiletto hybrid that is part of its latest accessories collection, and the Internet is struggling to reconcile combining the challenge of roller skating with the perhaps equal challenge of walking in high heels.

The shoes feature a three-inch stiletto heel with a roller skate wheel attached to the bottom, Teen Vogue reports, and even has a kick-brake. Oh, and pearls, sequins, and snakeskin, if you’re looking to quite literally roll into fashion week next year.


I sprained my ankle just by looking at the picture — but others seem intrigued.

According to Twitter, the shoes cost a cool $1,995. Then again, it’s definitely an ice-breaker.

“Hey,” Chrissy Teigen says, gazing at your feet with unconcealed concern, “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re wearing high heels with… wheels.”

“Oh, these?” You smile, like you haven’t been preparing for this moment your entire life, “I just threw them on.”

Then again, others are aghast at the idea of trying to balance — and, God forbid, walk roll — in the daunting shoes.


If you skate in the same circles as anyone with both eccentric and wildly expensive taste, be sure to forward them the link.

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