8 Veronica Mars Comebacks So Witty You’ll Want To Borrow Them

Veronica Mars may not have cleared the ratings necessary to get renewed past three seasons, but the cult classic is beloved enough to have earned its own Kickstarter movie and a fandom dedicated the the blonde sleuth protagonist and her witty one-liners.

Despite being the victim of bullying and having a less-than-orthodox high school experience, Veronica inspired fans with her dedication to doing what is right, her loyalty to her family and friends, and her unprecedented levels of sass.

She knew how to respond when she was summoned.

She had the exact right response for someone who needs to be quiet.

She had the perfect one-liner for those who deserved it.

She posed a very good question, to many people.

She was good with similes.

She knew how to flatter someone.

Well, in her way.

She wasn’t afraid to call out sexism.

And she had the best wordless response in the world.

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